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Irish Times (Simplex) – Nov 12 2018

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Clues Answers
Action and legal document DEED
Adopt or support a cause ESPOUSE
Agreed, acquiesced ACCEDED
Applies colour again REPAINTS
Card game played by one person PATIENCE
Casino worker CROUPIER
Causes to awaken ROUSES
Circumstance that makes success difficult HANDICAP
Coax, inveigle PERSUADE
Concluding ENDING
Evil supernatural beings DEVILS
Food energy measures CALORIES
General meaning or main point GIST
Greek water nymphs NAIADS
Having a natural aptitude or skill TALENTED
Home for hymenopterous species BEEHIVE
Issuing commands ORDERING
It’s farthest from the middle EDGE
Latin epic by Virgil AENEID
Least risky SAFEST
Lyric poems ODES
More deficient in light DARKER
Poetic verse STANZA
Scene I set up for the relatives NIECES
Selecting by ballot VOTING
Specific tasks to be done CHORES
Surely and regularly STEADILY
This nationality uses a Nasa jeep incorrectly JAPANESE
Travelling over water VOYAGING
Woodwind instrument CLARINET