Irish Times (Simplex) – Nov 13 2018

Clues Answers
… King Charles, canine breed CAVALIER
Abnormal fatness OBESITY
Air-powered instruments ORGANS
Apparatus for weaving yarn LOOM
Avoiding the issue, or trying to SKIRTING
Became a member JOINED
Break trust BETRAY
Climbs down attached to a rope ABSEILS
Crustacean that attaches to surfaces BARNACLE
Delightful in all respects IDYLLIC
Deliver from danger RESCUE
Exactly on time ONTHEDOT
Gentle wind BREEZE
Hammer-based instruments PIANOS
Happy and optimistic CHEERFUL
Imaginary place of great wealth and opportunity ELDORADO
Italian bathing place LIDO
Leaves of grass or cutting tools BLADES
Meat workers BUTCHERS
Mentally overexerted STRESSED
More pliable or malleable SOFTER
More unsightly UGLIER
Moves upward slowly CLIMBS
Number on a soccer team ELEVEN
Planned, meant to INTENDED
Say mean things BACKBITE
Send mail out to S America LIMA
Severe and widespread shortage of food FAMINE
Small island ISLE
Use the wrong letters MISSPELL

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