Irish Times (Simplex) – Nov 14 2018

Clues Answers
”… is the cruellest month” (T.S Eliot) APRIL
Ability to see VISION
Accepted as satisfactory APPROVED
Accessible and ready for use AVAILABLE
Any living thing ORGANISM
Ask over INVITE
Camouflage, mask DISGUISE
Concern and distress at the unexpected DISMAY
Concerning the self PERSONAL
Contests of speed RACES
Day for the god of thunder THURSDAY
Decide between possibilities OPT
Devilment, roguishness MISCHIEF
Director of publication EDITOR
Facial expression of pleasure SMILE
Fidgety, uneasy RESTLESS
Follow up on or go after PURSUE
It holds up folly to ridicule SATIRE
Keeps under control or within limits RESTRAINS
Low woody plant SHRUB
Meat from a pig HAM
Moves in a wavy pattern UNDULATES
Private teachers TUTORS
Puts out, a statement perhaps ISSUES
Separate limbs from the body DISMEMBER
Serving a purpose USEFUL
Speedy, quick RAPID
Structures to protect against the weather SHELTERS
Support for the artist EASEL
Teeter-totter SEESAW
Third-level college, in short UNI
Tune AIR
Unassuming, diffident MODEST
Up to the time of UNTIL
Ursine animals BEARS
Warm up again REHEAT

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