Irish Times (Simplex) – Nov 15 2018

Clues Answers
All the gods of a religion PANTHEON
Approximately 2.2 lbs KILOGRAM
Cloths, fabrics TEXTILES
Directly across from each other OPPOSITE
Employs, uses UTILISES
Evening repast SUPPER
For fear that LEST
Forty-ninth US state ALASKA
Fruit of the blackthorn SLOE
Give support or approval to ENDORSE
Inns, lodgings HOTELS
Interestingly different or strange EXOTIC
Its leaf is a symbol of victory LAUREL
Light, plastic disc for throwing FRISBEE
Merriment or gloating GLEE
Mexican money PESO
Of the country NATIONAL
One with great sensitivity to beauty AESTHETE
Outline drawing SKETCH
Physical need for food APPETITE
Recount, relate RECITE
Restored to good condition REPAIRED
Rodent to describe someone who rushes headlong to destruction LEMMING
Room below ground CELLAR
Rough, jagged UNEVEN
Spatter liquid around SPRINKLE
Strange serial country ISRAEL
Strategic advantage LEVERAGE
The act of bringing into being CREATION
The use of irony to convey contempt SARCASM
Unit of instruction LESSON
Young salmon GRILSE

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