Irish Times (Simplex) – Nov 17 2018

Clues Answers
Artist of three-dimensional shapes SCULPTOR
Breaches, tears RUPTURES
Call off or invalidate CANCEL
Closer at hand NEARER
Counsel, recommend ADVISE
Crow-like CORVINE
Doubting or disbelieving SCEPTICAL
Funeral procession CORTEGE
Grey metamorphic rock SLATE
Groups of people working together TEAMS
Hat, for country-and-western singer perhaps STETSON
Hemispherical roof DOME
High, very steep cliff PRECIPICE
Inactive or lazy IDLE
Inborn, not learned INNATE
It’s attached behind on a bike SADDLEBAG
Italian city has no age, oddly GENOA
Language of ancient Rome LATIN
Mark under C in French CEDILLA
Moved very quickly or hastily DASHED
Not any NONE
Occurring each year ANNUAL
Ordained minister PRIEST
Piece of plated armour SHIELD
Prevents from happening AVERTS
Slumbers SLEEPS
Small part representing the whole SAMPLE
Supremely courageous and brave HEROIC
Tangible substance MATERIAL
The power to affect others INFLUENCE
Tomorrow for the Spanish MANANA
Tropical lizard IGUANA
Variety of eating apple PIPPIN
Very lightly coloured PALE
Very seldom RARELY
Wilderness at the edge of a settled area FRONTIER

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