Irish Times (Simplex) – Nov 19 2018

Clues Answers
42, say NUMBER
Applauding CLAPPING
As much as required ENOUGH
Become smaller SHRINK
Bring in from abroad IMPORT
Chair of a monarch THRONE
Curious, odd PECULIAR
Financial or other statements ACCOUNTS
Fleshy roots for salads RADISHES
Get, acquire OBTAIN
Hankering, longing YEARNING
Hole allowing gas or air to escape VENT
Ignore a fault or have a view from above OVERLOOK
It’s situated within INTERIOR
Knives fixed to rifles BAYONETS
Large hawks, they feed on fish OSPREYS
Large wardrobe or cabinet ARMOIRE
Make up your mind DECIDE
Male relatives UNCLES
Month named for a Roman emperor AUGUST
Nights before EVES
Open-toed shoe SANDAL
Pass around the snakes ASPS
Proboscis NOSE
Retaliatory action REPRISAL
Sharply exact PRECISE
Table centre-piece with branching holders EPERGNE
The one who pays CUSTOMER
Trees, shrubs etc. PLANTS
Visual representations PICTURES
Wrong, misguided MISTAKEN

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