Irish Times (Simplex) – Nov 2 2018

Clues Answers
A fish and a heather LING
American whiskey BOURBON
Artist’s workroom STUDIO
As far as the eye can see HORIZON
Clockwork models of the solar system ORRERIES
Discharging a gun FIRING
Enter a property without permission TRESPASS
Fluids from cuttlefish INKS
Force applied to a surface PRESSURE
Fossilised, petrified OSSIFIED
Freedom of access ENTREE
Give Sonny ten for the odd old poet TENNYSON
House of ill-repute BORDELLO
Imminent in a menacing way LOOMING
Interred BURIED
Isle of Man House of Parliament KEYS
It’s used to make concrete CEMENT
Layer on the inner surface LINING
Machine for cutting grass edges STRIMMER
Marching aggressively into another’s territory INVADING
Mature animals ADULTS
Of the skin DERMAL
One with exceptional musical skill VIRTUOSO
Part representing the whole SAMPLE
Reduce concentration of a liquid DILUTE
Removing dirt CLEANING
Resist about the sibling SISTER
Shed, barn OUTHOUSE
Silky fabric with thick pile VELVET
The quality that makes something what it is ESSENCE
Thin pliable sheet of body tissue MEMBRANE
Unpleasant to look at UGLY

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