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Irish Times (Simplex) – Nov 20 2018

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Clues Answers
… Grey, fragrant Oriental tea EARL
Amount measured against another RATE
Archetype, master copy ORIGINAL
Casino worker CROUPIER
Chords I turn into flowers ORCHIDS
Confirmed the accuracy VERIFIED
Containing salt SALINE
Dissipate in liquid DISSOLVE
Edge, border MARGIN
Fleet of armed ships ARMADA
Former kingdom, included northern Germany and northern Poland PRUSSIA
Generator to extract energy from moving air WINDMILL
Highly delighted ELATED
It’s measured in joules or ergs ENERGY
It’s now Taiwan FORMOSA
Loafing or just ticking over IDLING
Lunch or dinner, say MEAL
Masses of frozen water ICEBERGS
Mediterranean island SARDINIA
Prepare a drawing or model DESIGN
Refused to accept REJECTED
Rifles, pistols etc. FIREARMS
Serving vessel for water or wine CARAFE
Small opening, for a coin say SLOT
Strange regalia of a North African state ALGERIA
Sturgeon’s roe CAVIAR
The doctrine of man-based morality HUMANISM
They decide the winners JUDGES
They might live in Tel Aviv, say ISRAELIS
Very great fear TERROR