Irish Times (Simplex) – Nov 21 2018

Clues Answers
A destroyed ship WRECK
A yearning for the past NOSTALGIA
Amount remaining after all deductions NET
Apprehension or alarm DISMAY
Bounder, scoundrel CAD
Distance through an object THICKNESS
Distinctive smell ODOUR
Edge, border MARGIN
Encore AGAIN
Ensured observance of rules ENFORCED
Fashions or distinctive modes STYLES
Fasten the neckwear TIE
Fizzy soft drinks MINERALS
Horny plates and pointed pins NAILS
In addition, too ASWELL
In truth INDEED
It’s done after school HOMEWORK
Likeness of person or thing IMAGE
Major French centre of the wine trade BORDEAUX
Manifestly EVIDENTLY
Mellifluous, pleasing to the ear DULCET
Moves backwards REVERSES
Moving in the same direction but always the same distance apart PARALLEL
Particular to an individual PERSONAL
Person without moral scruples REPROBATE
Recurring sequences of events CYCLES
Reluctant to draw attention to oneself RETIRING
Right or suitable PROPER
Rub out ERASE
Spider’s network WEB
Supernatural being without a body SPIRIT
Tempt, lure ENTICE
The Magic Flute, say OPERA
They say it’s as good as a rest CHANGE
Uniforms of religious orders HABITS
Way to go ROUTE

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