Irish Times (Simplex) – Nov 22 2018

Clues Answers
A victory won at too great a cost to the victor PYRRHIC
Association for mutual co-operation LEAGUE
Bar snake from this State NEBRASKA
Caused to flee ROUTED
Comparison to show differences CONTRAST
Decorative piece to conceal fixtures, of curtains perhaps VALANCE
Delicate open-weave fabric LACE
Egg-shaped OVAL
Except if UNLESS
Flowers with yellow centres DAISIES
Formal event on a special occasion CEREMONY
Frenzied, out of control AMOK
Gathers together and saves for future use HOARDS
Granting, permitting ALLOWING
It sticks things together ADHESIVE
Keep under control RESTRAIN
Labyrinth of burrows WARREN
Laugh at, make fun of DERIDE
New York underground SUBWAY
New York university COLUMBIA
Oil is nil, strangely, in this state ILLINOIS
Persuasive language RHETORIC
Picture-house CINEMA
Queen of Sparta, mother of Helen of Troy LEDA
Skull that encloses the brain CRANIUM
Small building for worship CHAPEL
Small, inexpensive restaurant BISTRO
State capital of Hawaii HONOLULU
The experience of thinking that something new has happened before DEJAVU
Touchstone, benchmark STANDARD
Walk like a duck WADDLE
Witty banter REPARTEE

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