Irish Times (Simplex) – Nov 23 2018

Clues Answers
Actor who plays mainly tough characters DENIRO
Appoint to a task ASSIGN
Area, territory DISTRICT
Ballet dancer’s garment LEOTARD
Bursts out violently EXPLODES
Cries weakly or softly WHIMPERS
Develop over time EVOLVE
Disperse, throw around SCATTER
Each and all EVERYONE
Hardened against INURED
Held the same opinion AGREED
Hereditary military dictator of Japan SHOGUN
Hindered progress IMPEDED
Informal interviews with members of the public, in short VOXPOP
Low female singing voice ALTO
Mixes with and combines BLENDS
Most contented HAPPIEST
No longer distressed, reassured RELIEVED
Open and responsive to suggestion AMENABLE
Physical aggression VIOLENCE
Relating to teeth DENTAL
Restore to working order REPAIR
See it and die, they say NAPLES
Series of military operations CAMPAIGN
Short official note recording a sum owed CHIT
Skill in a particular field PROWESS
Spoken, not written ORAL
Stinging spider SCORPION
Thick heavy stick as a weapon COSH
Trade names, of designers say LABELS
Well-known, easily recognised FAMILIAR
With brooding ill-humour MOROSELY

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