Irish Times (Simplex) – Nov 24 2018

Clues Answers
A bride’s bottom drawer TROUSSEAU
A feeling of righteous anger OUTRAGE
Abbreviate, contract ABRIDGE
Alcoholic drink to stimulate the appetite APERITIF
Ascribe, impute ATTRIBUTE
Boots and shoes FOOTWEAR
Bounds beyond which one cannot go LIMITS
Christian penitential period LENT
Declare free from guilt ABSOLVE
Fall back, abate RECEDE
God of the sun in Greek mythology HELIOS
Having a beginning and an end FINITE
Hordes go out to the Greek island RHODES
Horny animal feet HOOVES
Indian dish of pulses DHAL
Joint between the neck and arm SHOULDER
Keep down, hold back SUPPRESS
Lacked, required NEEDED
Lacking in liveliness or animation DULL
Long-bodied, short-legged breed of dog DACHSHUND
Metal pin for meat SKEWER
Protect or conceal SHIELD
Pungent seasoning and vegetable PEPPER
Put down or leave something DEPOSIT
Ran away to get married ELOPED
Refused to stop PERSISTED
Saves up for flowers VASES
Shallow dish PLATE
Shoulder movement to show indifference SHRUG
Source, root ORIGIN
Tall narrow structures TOWERS
The force of a push THRUST
Two of a kind PAIR
Up to a time that UNTIL
Word that qualifies an action ADVERB

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