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Irish Times (Simplex) – Nov 27 2018

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Clues Answers
”… of Grass” (Walt Whitman) LEAVES
”Beware the … of March” (Julius Caesar) IDES
An artificially high voice FALSETTO
Bird of town and wood PIGEON
Cart pulled by one person RICKSHAW
Comes to pass OCCURS
Double-reed instrument BASSOON
Explodes or breaks open BURSTS
Follows in order to catch CHASES
Gifts of personal property by will LEGACIES
High chests of drawers in two sections TALLBOYS
In each other’s company TOGETHER
In preference RATHER
In the customary way ASUSUAL
Indian prince MAHARAJA
Intensely distressing TRAGIC
Jealousy, begrudgery ENVY
Justification or motive REASON
Light in a transparent case LANTERN
Mentally quick or radiating light BRIGHT
Not qualified in any way ABSOLUTE
Paths between buildings PASSAGES
Prediction FORECAST
Pungent bulbs ONIONS
Rejoinder, retort RESPONSE
Save up for flowers VASE
Spiny succulent plant CACTUS
Take care of, look after TEND
The world of learning ACADEMIA
Very knowledgeable ERUDITE
Without delay or deviation DIRECTLY
Woody plants, bushes SHRUBS