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Irish Times (Simplex) – Nov 29 2018

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Clues Answers
Atmospheric conditions WEATHER
Brought up RAISED
Commercial or industrial enterprise BUSINESS
Construction workers BUILDERS
Critique, appraisal REVIEW
Deceptive manoeuvres FEINTS
Extraterrestrials ALIENS
Feeling great rapture or delight ECSTATIC
Flavoured with hazelnuts, chocolate, say NOISETTE
Former lover OLDFLAME
Grow vigorously FLOURISH
Handel’s oratorio, first performed in Dublin MESSIAH
Jar for water EWER
Light of a saint HALO
Made bigger ENLARGED
Motifs, subjects THEMES
Movie theatre CINEMA
Native American hero of Longfellow’s poem HIAWATHA
Order of business AGENDA
Pressingly URGENTLY
Refuse, litter RUBBISH
Responsible for a reprehensible act GUILTY
Selected from a wide range of sources ECLECTIC
Sentinels, guards SENTRIES
Sets of railway cars TRAINS
Showed assent or recognition NODDED
Spurned by bride or groom JILTED
The innermost part CORE
Throat clearance to attract attention AHEM
Vista, view ASPECT
Watercourse and frequency band CHANNEL