Irish Times (Simplex) – Nov 3 2018

Clues Answers
Aid, help out ASSIST
Area around the North Pole ARCTIC
Arranged gatherings MEETINGS
Assistant to handle correspondence SECRETARY
Ceremonial or official FORMAL
Changed the form slightly MODIFIED
Collect in one place GATHER
Couch, sofa SETTEE
Far away in time or place REMOTE
Feline mammals CATS
Firm and dependable STEADFAST
Flat floating structures RAFTS
Handy, practical USEFUL
Hard-wearing work trousers with a bib DUNGAREES
Inquires ASKS
Is the sea rife with these strange flowers? FREESIA
Journeys in a vehicle RIDES
Likenesses, representations IMAGES
Mindlessly, with no common sense STUPIDLY
Niche or alcove RECESS
Number of related things coming one after another SERIES
Of the neighbourhood LOCAL
Older or higher in rank SENIOR
One deciphers DECODER
One of a pair, a pal MATE
Open to everyone PUBLIC
Ornamental bunches of cords TASSELS
Protection against the possibility of future difficulty SECURITY
Ready to be eaten RIPE
Recite Keats to the fish SKATE
Rough, bumpy UNEVEN
Show huge respect for REVERE
State of perfect bliss ECSTASY
Time to come FUTURE

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