Irish Times (Simplex) – Nov 6 2018

Clues Answers
”Tristan and …” (Wagner opera) ISOLDE
… Fields, final resting place of the souls of Greek heroes ELYSIAN
Apogee, summit APEX
Atmosphere of an environment AMBIENCE
Bird of prey FALCON
Business buildings PREMISES
Ceremonies for the dead FUNERALS
Compassionate, forgiving MERCIFUL
Friendly and agreeable GENIAL
Game with rings, played on deck perhaps QUOITS
Hypothetical remedies for all ills PANACEAS
It initiates a chemical reaction without itself being affected CATALYST
King of the fairies OBERON
Lacking strength or vigour FEEBLE
Lazy, idle OTIOSE
Lethargic, spiritless LISTLESS
Look like this to show suspicion ASKANCE
Make known, disclose REVEAL
Models of people made to be destroyed or damaged EFFIGIES
Noisy insect CICADA
Not real, imagined ILLUSORY
One sells to the public RETAILER
Piece of news that may or may not be true GOSSIP
Soft leather shoe MOCCASIN
Soft on the rules LENIENT
South American state PERU
Spike of the willow CATKIN
Swelling in the wall of an artery ANEURYSM
Tell, advise APPRISE
The Great Barrier …, Australian natural wonder REEF
Tolkien’s halfling HOBBIT
Wheel-shaft AXLE

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