Irish Times (Simplex) – Nov 9 2018

Clues Answers
Brags, blows BOASTS
City thoroughfare STREET
Correctness, precision ACCURACY
Evolves, grows DEVELOPS
Existing as theory, not in reality NOTIONAL
Extinct reptile DINOSAUR
Give authority or sanction to ACCREDIT
Granules, kernels GRAINS
Greyish-yellow colour ECRU
Gun on wheels CANNON
Hair cleaners SHAMPOOS
Hairy herb, attractive to felines CATNIP
Hot Mexican pepper JALAPENO
Immediately ATONCE
In a level and regular way EVENLY
In the normal manner ASUSUAL
It lies between Britain and Scandinavia NORTHSEA
Kinship group CLAN
Legendary island sought by Ulysses ITHACA
Loudspeaker systems TANNOYS
Obvious, evident APPARENT
One suffers from memory loss AMNESIAC
Pain in the neck, pest NUISANCE
Performances to raise money BENEFITS
Periods, eras EPOCHS
Plundering during riots LOOTING
Projecting handgrip of a saddle POMMEL
Secondhand motor USEDCAR
Smart …, he thinks he knows everything ALEC
Speechless, soundless MUTE
They signal danger ALARMS

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