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Irish Times (Simplex) – Oct 12 2018

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Clues Answers
Attractive PRETTY
Battle against COMBAT
Block passage or view OBSTRUCT
Brothers and sisters SIBLINGS
Cancel or reverse an action UNDO
Conflict, fight BATTLE
Deeply distressing or disturbing experience TRAUMA
Deliberately avoids ESCHEWS
Dock for yachts and cruisers MARINA
Having less money, fewer possessions POORER
Having more than one spouse at a time POLYGAMY
In the customary way ASUSUAL
Is present in the universe EXISTS
Leaders, bosses CHIEFS
Margot …, iconic English ballerina FONTEYN
Medical institution HOSPITAL
Member of a board DIRECTOR
Members of a state CITIZENS
Not derived or copied ORIGINAL
Not translucent OPAQUE
One-storeyed building BUNGALOW
Quick and skilful DEFT
Record volumes LOGBOOKS
Reflect deeply on the Scottish headland MULL
Refuse to give in to RESIST
Rigorously, severely STRICTLY
Symbol on a stave to show the pitch CLEF
Topics, ideas, motifs THEMES
Trustworthy, dependable RELIABLE
With a quiet and gentle voice SOFTLY