Irish Times (Simplex) – Oct 13 2018

Clues Answers
A rude box of French wine, curiously BORDEAUX
Annoy the burrower persistently BADGER
Any one of two EITHER
Apparition, spectre PHANTOM
Appealed or requested earnestly PLEADED
Atomiser or nebuliser SPRAY
Bellowed ROARED
Condition added to a legal document RIDER
Creamy French cheese CAMEMBERT
Directed one’s gaze towards LOOKED
Evil supernatural being DEVIL
Give up work or go to bed RETIRE
Grain used in making beer BARLEY
Group of suburban houses ESTATE
Groups of animals HERDS
Idolise, worship REVERE
Looked at, warily perhaps EYED
Make up one’s mind DECIDE
Noticed or remarked OBSERVED
One belonging to a society MEMBER
Provided and cared for during childhood REARED
Rolling ones gather no moss, it’s said STONES
Silky, densely-piled fabric VELVET
Swelling containing pus ABSCESS
Take charge, of a company or film say DIRECT
Terminates ENDS
Thankfulness and appreciation GRATITUDE
The Jewish Sabbath SATURDAY
They send messages via phones TEXTERS
Three-sided figure TRIANGLE
Totalitarian Russian leader STALIN
Travel, on horseback, say RIDE
Very fancy or complicated ELABORATE
Volcanic emission LAVA

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