Irish Times (Simplex) – Oct 15 2018

Clues Answers
Affix, fasten to ATTACH
Ancient civilisation of Peru INCA
Arms store MAGAZINE
Authorised representative OFFICIAL
Bands around the waist or chest SASHES
Breaks apart SPLITS
Calling attention to errors or flaws CRITICAL
Climbs down, from a bus say ALIGHTS
Country at war with itself from the 1950s to 1970s VIETNAM
Curled or wound round COILED
Declared to be untrue DENIED
Event that appears to break the law of nature MIRACLE
Ex …, with authority of the Pope CATHEDRA
Ex-member of the armed forces VETERAN
Fantastic, really great TERRIFIC
Fight, struggle BATTLE
Fingers, toes and numbers DIGITS
First son CAIN
Gains points SCORES
Hired murderer ASSASSIN
Hoarfrost RIME
Leaders, bosses CHIEFS
Nearest the beginning EARLIEST
Prefix denoting half SEMI
Prepared squid CALAMARI
Sea-god, son of Poseidon TRITON
Separating into parts DIVIDING
Stated assertively INSISTED
The right of admission or entry ENTREE
They’re for surgery, drama and lectures THEATRES
Toward land from water ASHORE
Unconditional, downright ABSOLUTE

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