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Irish Times (Simplex) – Oct 17 2018

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Clues Answers
Ahead of time EARLY
Appearance, view ASPECT
Badge of the German Nazi Party SWASTIKA
Beethoven’s Choral Symphony NINTH
Bring up the salary increase RAISE
Despite the fact that ALTHOUGH
Directs a patient to a specialist REFERS
Domestic swine HOG
Early blooming shrub with bright yellow flowers FORSYTHIA
Example, illustration INSTANCE
Excessive speed or urgency HASTE
Fictitious, invented MADEUP
Flows, of electricity say CURRENTS
Gave knowledge to INFORMED
Hang on in there PERSEVERE
If you’re on it, you’re on your own TOD
Italian eating establishment TRATTORIA
Least expensive CHEAPEST
Maintaining equilibrium STABLE
Merged into one UNITED
Modernise, modify UPDATE
Move over snow on runners SKI
Move something down LOWER
One without mother or father ORPHAN
Over and above EXTRA
Pay for someone else’s enjoyment TREAT
Place of complete bliss HEAVEN
Precipitous rockfaces CLIFFS
Projections on a gear TEETH
Qualified by right ENTITLED
Rebound BOUNCE
Regular news up-date BULLETIN
Steers clear of AVOIDS
System of voting secretly BALLOT
Two of a kind DUO
Unsafe, risky DANGEROUS