Irish Times (Simplex) – Oct 18 2018

Clue Answer
”Now is the … of our discontent” (Richard III) WINTER
Affectedly dainty or refined TWEE
Austrian composer of waltzes STRAUSS
Baby’s soft shoe BOOTEE
Concluding, final TERMINAL
Custodian, steward KEEPER
Energy released in nuclear fission ATOMIC
Feeling gratitude THANKFUL
Gathering of spectators or listeners AUDIENCE
Hard alloy suitable for casting BRONZE
In the recent past LATTERLY
It’s used to rescue people at sea LIFEBOAT
Lacked something essential NEEDED
London district and football club CHELSEA
Married men HUSBANDS
Mightier, stouter STRONGER
Not abstract or imaginary CONCRETE
One under the protection of another WARD
Over-hasty, reckless RASH
Overhead surfaces CEILINGS
Periods after sunset NIGHTS
Poignant, evocative HAUNTING
Projectile lettuce? ROCKET
Purpose, plan INTENT
Rudolf …, Nazi leader imprisoned at Spandau HESS
Sent a newly-built boat into the water LAUNCHED
Small cave, perhaps with religious connotations GROTTO
Threaded fasteners SCREWS
Totting ADDING
Track and field competitor ATHLETE
Usually but not always ASARULE

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