Irish Times (Simplex) – Oct 19 2018

Clues Answers
Aggressive driver ROADHOG
Australian mammal with duckbill PLATYPUS
Before birth PRENATAL
Benevolent KINDLY
Couplings and labour organisations UNIONS
Empty, unoccupied VACANT
Exhort, press URGE
Formerly a part of Yugoslavia BOSNIA
Full and complete ENTIRE
Gemstone with a design engraved in its surface INTAGLIO
Hard thick shell, of a turtle say CARAPACE
Hooded waterproof jacket ANORAK
In the customary way ASUSUAL
It abhors a vacuum, according to Aristotle NATURE
It was Nyasaland under Britain MALAWI
Keep up repairs MAINTAIN
Make greater in size, number etc. AUGMENT
Mega-rich Russian with political influence OLIGARCH
One from Kingston, say JAMAICAN
Ordinary, not extraordinary NORMAL
Pacify with concessions APPEASE
Person from the States AMERICAN
Police informer NARK
Saturdays and Sundays WEEKENDS
Settle into a tent ENCAMP
Ship’s crew member SAILOR
Small guitars with four strings UKULELES
Tear violently REND
To no avail INVAIN
Tragic Shakespearian king LEAR
Very wealthy or powerful businessmen MAGNATES

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