Irish Times (Simplex) – Oct 2 2018

Clues Answers
Artists of consummate skill MAESTROS
Card game resembling whist BEZIQUE
Ceremonial feasts BANQUETS
Cooked in an Indian clay oven TANDOORI
Facets, views ASPECTS
Fairly fast pace of a horse TROT
Female monarchs QUEENS
Finished, concluded OVER
Give a value to something RATE
Gloom-ridden NEGATIVE
Green, in heraldry VERT
High-speed projectile BULLET
Hot and humid SULTRY
Insinuation, implication INNUENDO
Is present in the world EXISTS
Kitchen implements UTENSILS
Lure, inveigle ENTICE
Move from one place to another TRANSFER
Musical instrument like a small guitar MANDOLIN
Porous mass found in the ocean SPONGE
Provide with information APPRISE
Provisions, victuals VIANDS
Reading carefully PERUSING
Resolve a dispute SETTLE
Rich, luxurious OPULENT
Small game birds QUAILS
Temporary break from work RECESS
Tranquil, calm PEACEFUL
Two or more PLURAL
Whereabouts, position LOCATION
Young cow HEIFER

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