Irish Times (Simplex) – Oct 20 2018

Clues Answers
Average, middling MEDIUM
Basic unit of all organisms CELL
Body covering of an ovine mammal SHEEPSKIN
Boundaries, demarcation lines LIMITS
Cause to become widely known CIRCULATE
Channels of communication MEDIA
Chess piece and fortified building CASTLE
Concepts, notions IDEAS
Cut down, abridge REDUCE
Delightful in all respects IDYLLIC
Designations or headings TITLES
Diverted, entertained AMUSED
Extremely bad, appalling ABYSMAL
Frozen dessert ICECREAM
Gestures or symbols SIGNS
Hellenic republic GREECE
Hold on to, keep back RETAIN
Inclined towards or took care of TENDED
Island in West Indies TOBAGO
Large flightless bird OSTRICH
Large white-coated dog with spots DALMATIAN
Long for the conifer? PINE
National Park in California YOSEMITE
Orient EAST
Pass through a sieve STRAIN
Processions of camels crossing the desert CARAVANS
Put money into a bank account DEPOSIT
Repast MEAL
Sample the flavour TASTE
Say or do again REPEAT
The Aloha State HAWAII
They fly from fire SPARKS
Uprising, insurrection REVOLT
Without revealing one’s identity INCOGNITO
Without warning, unexpectedly SUDDENLY
Written communication LETTER

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