Irish Times (Simplex) – Oct 22 2018

Clues Answers
A soup served cold GAZPACHO
Astonish, amaze ASTOUND
Beekeeper APIARIST
Canadian provincial capital EDMONTON
Discarded bits SCRAPS
Eight-sided shapes OCTAGONS
European treaty to end border controls schengen
Exorbitant, extortionate USURIOUS
Fully grown or ripe MATURE
Includes or absorbs into something else SUBSUMES
It’s now Beijing PEKING
Late repast SUPPER
Lough of the North ERNE
Monetary unit in S Africa RAND
Move out and leave empty VACATE
No shout out for Texan city HOUSTON
Noisy quarrel FRACAS
Now, Ray, go to the country NORWAY
Nuclear research centre in Switzerland CERN
Of a new-born NEONATAL
On the outside EXTERNAL
Pale seedless raisin SULTANA
Podium for preaching PULPIT
Refuses to accept REJECTS
Remove from a homeland to a foreign environment UPROOT
Repeated themes MOTIFS
Script for a musical drama LIBRETTO
Seldom seen RARE
Snooping, nosing PRYING
Sweet circular cake DOUGHNUT
Wild, uncivilised SAVAGE
Young trees SAPLINGS

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