Irish Times (Simplex) – Oct 24 2018

Clues Answers
Aid, abet ASSIST
Alarm, apprehension DISMAY
Animate being CREATURE
Australian flightless bird EMU
Burial chamber SEPULCHRE
Chose, opted for SELECTED
Combine into one BLEND
Disorders, illnesses DISEASES
Distance between the rails of a railway track GAUGE
Farewell to the French ADIEU
Formulae believed to have magical force SPELLS
Fuss or bustle ADO
Gained points in a game SCORED
Gave back money owed REPAID
Growing old in the US AGING
Identify because previously known RECOGNISE
Island, cow and knitted jumper JERSEY
It’s now Kampuchea CAMBODIA
Mischievous fairy IMP
Money-bag PURSE
Offences punishable by law CRIMES
Perfect for the purpose IDEAL
Permission to do something LEAVE
Police vehicles SQUADCARS
Spoke softly or indistinctly MURMURED
Systematic investigation of a subject RESEARCH
The force of a push THRUST
Their leaves flutter in the slightest breeze ASPENS
Those to whom money is paid PAYEES
Tiny piece of bread CRUMB
Took to one’s heels RAN
Uncover, expose to view EXPOSE
Unreadable ILLEGIBLE
Valuable, treasured PRECIOUS
Without warning, unexpectedly SUDDENLY

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