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Irish Times (Simplex) – Oct 26 2018

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Clues Answers
Any hitch about this flower? HYACINTH
Backpacking TREKKING
Border, fringing EDGING
Breads and cakes are produced here BAKERIES
Breathe in INHALE
Concerned only with no. 1 SELFISH
Copy, simulate IMITATE
Dark-red vegetable BEETROOT
Devil-worship SATANISM
Existing in fact, real ACTUAL
Fastens with a knot TIES
Guiltless or guileless INNOCENT
Had great respect for ESTEEMED
In the area of AROUND
Inactive, motionless STATIC
Joints of horses’ legs FETLOCKS
Lord, sleeve and road made famous by Patrick Kavanagh RAGLAN
Mexican tortilla TACO
Music not written in a particular key ATONAL
Northwestern republic in South America COLOMBIA
Olfactory organ NOSE
Painting, music etc. ARTS
Recipients of medical care PATIENTS
Reduce in rank DEMOTE
Relating to the soul or mind PSYCHIC
Relating to tiny particles ATOMIC
Separate, distinct DISCRETE
Shelf over a fireplace MANTLE
Speak rapidly and incessantly CHATTER
Sufficient ENOUGH
The rebound of a bullet off a surface RICOCHET
Tie up with a rope, an animal perhaps TETHER