Irish Times (Simplex) – Oct 27 2018

Clues Answers
Acquire by effort EARN
Acute infection from contaminated water or food CHOLERA
Affording comfort or solace CONSOLING
Allowing no deviation from a standard STRICT
An also-ran LOSER
Ancient Athenian philosopher, pupil of Plato ARISTOTLE
Animals raised for meat CATTLE
Apertures in the eyes PUPILS
Austrian composer from Harlem? MAHLER
Back part REAR
Collision CRASH
Corded tape used for stiffening PETERSHAM
Cords around the neck for whistle etc. LANYARDS
Country and nut BRAZIL
Crucial stages or unstable situations of difficulty CRISES
Departs or bequeaths LEAVES
Distinguish, make out DISCERN
Involving many MULTIPLE
Makes improvements or corrections EMENDS
Modifies for a new use ADAPTS
Monetary resources FINANCES
Narrow steep-sided valleys RAVINES
Not secret or hidden OVERT
Peremptory request DEMAND
Pieces of furniture for storage CUPBOARDS
Right or means of entry ACCESS
Safe, free from danger SECURE
Something borrowed LOAN
Sour cherry tree MORELLO
Source, derivation ORIGIN
The state of being under the control of another person THRALL
This bread is soon forgotten, it’s said EATEN
Tissue connecting a muscle with its bony attachment TENDON
Tropical plant with edible pods OKRA
Without equal, unparalleled UNIQUE

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