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Irish Times (Simplex) – Oct 29 2018

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Clues Answers
Artistic work that imitates another PASTICHE
Biblical god of riches MAMMON
Calculation of the sum ADDITION
Challenge to do something dangerous DARE
Characteristic of a lion LEONINE
Curve of the foot ARCH
Decorative pin BROOCH
Envy, resent BEGRUDGE
Green stones from strangely red males EMERALDS
Hold in detention DETAIN
Inter-office note MEMO
Nepalese capital KATMANDU
Observe, become aware of NOTICE
Of no real value NUGATORY
One is not professional AMATEUR
Optical illusions in hot places MIRAGES
Over-used phrase CLICHE
Point in the orbit of the moon that’s furthest from the earth APOGEE
Prediction, about the weather perhaps FORECAST
Public shame or disgrace IGNOMINY
Rambles aimlessly on a winding course MEANDERS
Shoe with a thick wooden sole CLOG
Sound chanted repeatedly MANTRA
Split or divided, as a hoof perhaps CLOVEN
Stages in development PHASES
Three-legged support TRIPOD
Type of savoury tart QUICHE
Utter a piercing cry SCREAM
Wash and iron LAUNDER