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Irish Times (Simplex) – Oct 3 2018

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Clues Answers
Ancient Athenian philosopher, pupil of Plato ARISTOTLE
Athletic contest with ten different events DECATHLON
Cloth, textile FABRIC
Concerning or approximately ABOUT
Concluding part of a performance FINALE
Consistent with logic RATIONAL
Courage of the organ HEART
Distances downward DEPTHS
Doll operated by strings PUPPET
Fraternal relatives BROTHERS
Give official permission to AUTHORISE
Hair braid PLAIT
Having a common cultural tradition ETHNIC
Heavy nautical rope HAWSER
In what way? HOW
Indoor footwear SLIPPERS
Investigate again REEXAMINE
Keen, enthusiastic EAGER
Lowest in price CHEAPEST
Medium of communication RADIO
Military unit TROOP
Most vertically challenged SHORTEST
Of surpassing excellence SUPERB
Of the countryside RURAL
On the next floor UPSTAIRS
Peace to the old Romans PAX
Rude or knowing very little IGNORANT
Shed them and cry TEARS
Six-legged creature INSECT
Strong and solidly built STURDY
Struck lightly TAPPED
Suffering, privation HARDSHIP
Take the covering off, a parcel say UNWRAP
Tool for weeding HOE
What person? WHO