Irish Times (Simplex) – Oct 30 2018

Clues Answers
African desert SAHARA
Biography of the deceased OBITUARY
Cartilage between bones that meet at a joint MENISCUS
Cherry-red colour CERISE
Circus tumblers ACROBATS
Fail to fulfil a promise RENEGE
Food prepared from grain CEREAL
Former Iranian monarch SHAH
Fraternal relatives BROTHERS
Glide over frozen water ICESKATE
Grains from the paddy field RICE
Hibernia IRELAND
Involving matter, the body say PHYSICAL
Its capital is Tallinn ESTONIA
Moving, doing things ACTIVE
Of ships and navigation NAUTICAL
One in need is one indeed FRIEND
Passage connecting rooms CORRIDOR
Perfectly round figure CIRCLE
Person of exceptional courage HERO
Relaxed, took a break RESTED
Show to be false DEBUNK
Side of a coin that shows the head OBVERSE
Situation in which no progress is possible IMPASSE
Smart and stylish, in a French kind of way CHIC
Solid, real CONCRETE
Spider, say ARACHNID
Subtle difference NUANCE
Ten years DECADE
Thoughtless, inattentive CARELESS
Throws out of a building EJECTS

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