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Irish Times (Simplex) – Oct 5 2018

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Clues Answers
Annoying or boring IRKSOME
Become aware of REALISE
Black and white burrower BADGER
Building for historical artefacts MUSEUM
Correct, precise ACCURATE
Creator of aesthetic works ARTIST
Develop into something BECOME
Diplomatic mission LEGATION
Drinking tubes STRAWS
Dry and withered SERE
Emphasised, underlined STRESSED
Extremely bad or disagreeable DREADFUL
Fervent, impassioned ARDENT
Fragrances, smells SCENTS
Greek god of wine and creativity DIONYSUS
Group of three TRIO
Highly delighted ELATED
It’s said to make perfect PRACTICE
Last month DECEMBER
Money pouches PURSES
Moves forwards ADVANCES
Not guilty INNOCENT
Of writing with artistic merit LITERARY
Performing ACTING
Profit earned on money RETURN
Set apart from others ISOLATE
Slender towers with balconies MINARETS
Standing in society STATUS
Unfavourable, contrary ADVERSE
Utiliser USER
Violence by an unruly mob RIOT
Walking noisily or angrily STAMPING