Irish Times (Simplex) – Oct 9 2018

Clues Answers
A change is as good as this, they say REST
A form of Japanese theatre KABUKI
Areas for target practice RANGES
Break into many pieces SHATTER
Brings something to bear forcefully EXERTS
Cat-like FELINE
Characteristic of Greece HELLENIC
Collection of bits of information DATA
Completely happy and contented BLISSFUL
Condescends DEIGNS
Consecrated, holy SACRED
Deceptive manoeuvre RUSE
Demises DEATHS
Desire, craving APPETITE
Did what one was told OBEYED
Exclusive control of something MONOPOLY
Having the most cards of one set in a hand LONGSUIT
It’s my fault MEACULPA
Language of Pakistan URDU
Looked at VIEWED
Metallic element and British bobby COPPER
Move towards or meet at a point CONVERGE
Night attire PYJAMAS
Plot, connive CONSPIRE
Racing bird PIGEON
RC devotion over nine days NOVENA
Supply water to land to help growth IRRIGATE
Termite-eating animal of Africa AARDVARK
The use of irony to mock SARCASM
Tirana is the capital ALBANIA
Took into custody ARRESTED
Unable to relax or be still RESTLESS

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