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Irish Times (Simplex) – Sep 10 2018

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Clues Answers
Adult male chickens ROOSTERS
Aromatic bulb GARLIC
At that time THEN
Bigger, greater LARGER
Bird of town and wood PIGEON
Body parts and musical instruments ORGANS
Brownish-red MAROON
Christmas-time YULETIDE
Dance hall BALLROOM
Dead-end street CULDESAC
Deliberately concealed, motive say ULTERIOR
Depressingly dark GLOOMY
Detailed examination of structure and content ANALYSIS
Everything is equidistant from it CENTRE
Framework of branches as a fence WATTLE
Full and complete ENTIRE
His wings melted when he flew too near the sun ICARUS
Jurisdiction of the Pope HOLYSEE
Largest living bird OSTRICH
Loose flowing garment ROBE
One places a high a value on social status SNOB
One shows exceptional courage HERO
One with exceptional musical skill VIRTUOSO
Optical illusion, in desert perhaps MIRAGE
Parts, pieces, portions SEGMENTS
Portending bad things OMINOUS
Short, quick stimulus FILLIP
Strong black coffee ESPRESSO
Strong building material CONCRETE
The most abundant element in the universe HYDROGEN
They train to compete ATHLETES
Wailing woman who warns of death BANSHEE