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Irish Times (Simplex) – Sep 12 2018

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Clues Answers
”… Weather” (old torch song) STORMY
”Much … About Nothing” (Shakespeare) ADO
Biology and chemistry, say SCIENCES
Branch of peace OLIVE
Camouflage to hide identity DISGUISE
Causes fear SCARES
Classifies SORTS
Clean with hard rubbing SCRUB
Commonplace, banal ORDINARY
Confined behind bars CAGED
Contract or promise AGREEMENT
Cut, wood perhaps, into a shape CARVED
Electrically-charged particle ION
Except on condition that UNLESS
Football, tennis etc. SPORTS
Humble, unassuming MODEST
Keep in check RESTRAIN
Large bird of prey EAGLE
Leaping marsupial KANGAROO
Least complex or complicated SIMPLEST
Lines above texts HEADINGS
Live, dwell RESIDE
Most uncommon RAREST
Of the moon LUNAR
Original people of New Zealand MAORIS
Periodic count of the population CENSUS
Post or rod used as a support STANCHION
Remains of an ancient plant or animal FOSSIL
Seat for one CHAIR
Similar ALIKE
Sloshes, spatters SPLASHES
The ability to see VISION
The night before EVE
This is a puzzle CROSSWORD
This moment NOW
Wretched, pitiful MISERABLE