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Irish Times (Simplex) – Sep 13 2018

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Clues Answers
Air pressure line on a weather chart ISOBAR
Association of trades unions ICTU
Become wider or more open DILATE
Brand new, just out LATEST
Cheerfully willing to do favours OBLIGING
Concentrated extracts of plants, for perfume say ESSENCES
Convulsive disorder of the central nervous system EPILEPSY
Deadlock, no progress can be made IMPASSE
Desolate, fallow BARREN
Dirty marks STAINS
Fibre used as a back-scrub LOOFAH
Good ones make good neighbours, it’s said FENCES
Implement for rubbing out ERASER
In spite of the fact that ALTHOUGH
Likely to fail or make errors FALLIBLE
Mended, recovered HEALED
Mexican hat SOMBRERO
Monkey and monk CAPUCHIN
Monument to those killed in war CENOTAPH
Narrow point of land projecting into the sea SPIT
Numerous and often varied MULTIPLE
Officials to ensure fair play REFEREES
Old sailing ship and a tall glass SCHOONER
One from Paphos, say CYPRIOT
Plant and part of the eye IRIS
Proposition proved by reasoning THEOREM
Relating to the whole world GLOBAL
Small breeds of horse PONIES
Two-wheeled vehicle SCOOTER
Walk with an uneven gait LIMP
Word to qualify an action ADVERB