Irish Times (Simplex) – Sep 14 2018

Clues Answers
Amount left over EXCESS
Bladed weapons in north Dublin SWORDS
Brass instruments BUGLES
Caps or bands on the end of a walking sticks FERRULES
City of strangely low gags GLASGOW
Computer security system FIREWALL
Elective, not obligatory OPTIONAL
Exaggerated masculinity MACHISMO
Hindu divinity VISHNU
Hinged surface of an aeroplane wing, to control roll AILERON
Information about a future event NOTICE
Infuse or fill completely SATURATE
It’s one in four LEAPYEAR
Living forever IMMORTAL
Making fabric by interlacing threads WEAVING
More just FAIRER
Moved rapidly and lightly DARTED
Navigation maps CHARTS
Of recognized excellence CLASSIC
Piece of cobbler’s equipment LAST
Place of worship CHURCH
Relating to living in groups SOCIAL
Small chicken and light boxer BANTAM
Spring flowers NARCISSI
Stables converted to a house MEWS
Staff of office and a spice MACE
Stanza of four lines QUATRAIN
This tree is strangely so creamy SYCAMORE
Time without end ETERNITY
Tools for punching small holes AWLS
Very early calculator ABACUS

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