Irish Times (Simplex) – Sep 15 2018

Clues Answers
Bear something patiently ENDURE
Borough of New York and a cocktail MANHATTAN
Comfort, rest EASE
Depression in the smoothness of skin WRINKLE
Deviations from the normal or common ANOMALIES
Device that attracts iron MAGNET
From which something springs SOURCE
German songs for piano and solo voice LIEDER
Giving unselfishly GENEROUS
Hurt, wound INJURE
In a short or curt manner TERSELY
Invitees or hotel customers GUESTS
Jewish state ISRAEL
Large and scholarly books TOMES
Lustrous, extremely hard member of the platinum metals group OSMIUM
Magic formula SPELL
Members of the British Conservative Party TORIES
Musical instruments PIANOS
Not shut or secret OPEN
Object or unit ITEM
One treats the ill DOCTOR
Painstakingly careful and accurate RIGOROUS
Parking place for cabs TAXIRANK
Quantity AMOUNT
Sections of metrical text VERSES
Shrewdness, astuteness ACUMEN
Small Greek letter and small amount IOTA
Solid strings of pasta SPAGHETTI
Spent frivolously and unwisely FRITTERED
Stay on when others have left REMAIN
Table of days and dates CALENDAR
To a very great extent HUGELY
Toy with spool and string YOYOS
Twig of a willow tree OSIER
Walk as if about to fall STAGGER
Word formed from the initial letters of others ACRONYM

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