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Irish Times (Simplex) – Sep 19 2018

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Clues Answers
Again, please ENCORE
Allowed to enter ADMITTED
Also TOO
American wardrobe CLOSET
Asian sub-continent INDIA
Attractive in a strong, imposing way HANDSOME
Bird, beast or fish CREATURE
Capable of life VIABLE
Complicated network of passages LABYRINTH
Dairy product CHEESE
Electronic medium RADIO
Expels from a property EVICTS
Expressed preference in a ballot VOTED
Fingers, toes and numbers DIGITS
Followed the rules OBEYED
Groups of fruit trees ORCHARDS
Guiltless or guileless INNOCENT
Hindu loincloth DHOTI
Horny animal feet HOOVES
It controls the central nervous system BRAIN
Metal-bearing mineral ORE
Necessary, required ESSENTIAL
North American lift ELEVATOR
Objects THINGS
Of the countryside RURAL
Of the stars ASTRAL
Once more AGAIN
Plan or act secretly SCHEME
Reading carefully to remember STUDYING
Regularly, without fluctuation STEADILY
Scientific research space, in short LAB
Second note for the flat fish RAY
Statement of harmful intent THREAT
Sudden and severe onset of trouble ONSLAUGHT
Sweet edible fruits of a palm DATES
The other way around VICEVERSA