Irish Times (Simplex) – Sep 20 2018

Clues Answers
Acquired, attained GAINED
An attempt unlikely to be successful LONGSHOT
Authenticates or affirms to be true ATTESTS
Calculate approximately ESTIMATE
Card suits in bodies HEARTS
Cogitating THINKING
Deliver intravenously INJECT
Dither, waver HESITATE
Farm tool and star formation PLOUGH
Fix, mend REPAIR
Glove with long sleeve, thrown down challenge GAUNTLET
Great seas OCEANS
Happening quickly and without warning SUDDEN
High-pitched, piercing SHRILL
Inter-office note MEMO
It carries the horizontal thread in weaving SHUTTLE
It extracts energy from moving air WINDMILL
Jane Austen novel EMMA
Last or final in a process ULTIMATE
Located inside INTERNAL
Metallic element used in aircraft components TITANIUM
Officiating, at a cricket match say UMPIRING
One has exceptional ability GENIUS
One of a pair, a pal MATE
Performs surgery OPERATES
Pieces of playground apparatus SWINGS
Priest’s assistant ACOLYTE
Propriety in manners and conduct DECORUM
Selecting, opting CHOOSING
Spar to support a sail MAST
The little one lost her sheep BOPEEP
They serve as representations of payments or feelings TOKENS

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