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Irish Times (Simplex) – Sep 21 2018

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Clues Answers
Adornment, decoration ORNAMENT
Arid area of sand DESERT
At a brisk speed, musically ALLEGRO
Bee houses APIARIES
Belonging to them THEIRS
Bodies of water cut off from larger bodies by reefs LAGOONS
Capital of New Mexico SANTAFE
Closer at hand NEARER
Continue in spite of difficulty PERSIST
Counselling, suggesting ADVISING
Delicate, understated SUBTLE
Disappear suddenly VANISH
Emblem, icon SYMBOL
Gather a harvest REAP
Hands over formally PRESENTS
Imitated, mimicked APED
Judge’s personal assistant TIPSTAFF
Large retail establishments STORES
Light-sensitive eye lining RETINA
Look lecherously at OGLE
Official with power to prohibit distribution of material CENSOR
One marries while already legally married to another BIGAMIST
Refuse to notice IGNORE
Relating to the administration of justice JUDICIAL
Strings of prayer beads ROSARIES
Tailless amphibian FROG
Takes without owner’s consent STEALS
The trachea WINDPIPE
They occur at force 10 or 11 on the Beaufort scale STORMS
With no constraints FREEREIN
Words with the same meanings as others SYNONYMS