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Irish Times (Simplex) – Sep 22 2018

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Clues Answers
A weight to secure in place ANCHOR
Accuse of a crime CHARGE
Believe to be guilty SUSPECT
Between red and yellow ORANGE
Boil, with anger perhaps SEETHE
Classifies SORTS
Climbing plant VINE
Consumes food EATS
Cover for arm and record SLEEVE
Cylinder of tobacco CIGAR
Detailed examination of structure and content ANALYSIS
Ebbs and flows of the sea TIDES
Exclude from society OSTRACISE
Full range of colour SPECTRUM
Functional, handy USEFUL
Greek nymph who pined away until only her voice remained ECHO
Helps out ASSISTS
It’s hard to find one in a haystack NEEDLE
Long wooden bench with a back SETTLE
Most foolhardy RASHEST
One loads and unloads ships STEVEDORE
Places PUTS
Put into, bank account say DEPOSIT
Put up with ENDURE
Puts forward a proposal SUGGESTS
Quick to learn CLEVER
Run-down buildings housing several families TENEMENTS
Rushed headlong DASHED
Selected CHOSE
Silky, densely-piled fabric VELVET
Small dried fruits used in baking CURRANTS
Sovereigns and marked sticks RULERS
Time to come FUTURE
Triangle with two equal sides ISOSCELES
Twisted mass TANGLE
Violently angry RAGING