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Irish Times (Simplex) – Sep 24 2018

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Clues Answers
Abstained from food FASTED
Actual REAL
Ancient stringed instrument LYRE
Ancient weapon to fire stones CATAPULT
Asian skiff SAMPAN
Brownish songbird THRUSH
Come to a destination ARRIVE
Disease of potatoes BLIGHT
Drink to slake it THIRST
Elaborately adorned metalware TOLE
Fellow member of the armed forces COMRADE
Figure in a computer game AVATAR
Formal account of a matter REPORT
Having a chance of success VIABLE
Iron spikes on climbing boots CRAMPONS
Kept back, refused to hand over WITHHELD
Left out OMITTED
Make off, do a runner ABSCOND
Offices without walls OPENPLAN
One always sees the glass as half-full OPTIMIST
Part of a plant that contains pollen ANTHER
Selective breeding by improving genes EUGENICS
Strange, odd PECULIAR
The abominable snowman YETI
The area inside INTERIOR
Tortilla chips topped with cheese and chilli NACHOS
Truck with cab but no body TRACTOR
Usual, everyday ORDINARY
Very large metal pot for boiling CAULDRON
Word for word VERBATIM
Words of songs LYRICS