Irish Times (Simplex) – Sep 26 2018

Clues Answers
Above average in size, number, etc. LARGE
Accumulated, brought together GATHERED
Acts or executes PERFORMS
Apposite, appropriate APT
Arranged into groups SORTED
Body that revolves around another SATELLITE
Brought out a publication ISSUED
Careful investigation into a subject RESEARCH
Concerning or approximately ABOUT
Cured side of pork FLITCH
Dead bodies of animals CARCASES
Each and every ALL
Exactly the same IDENTICAL
Exclamation of disgust UGH
Formal spoken communications SPEECHES
Frozen food made with milk fat ICECREAM
Gave back money owed REPAID
Heavy dull sound THUMP
Horse-drawn passenger vehicle CARRIAGE
Inhaled and exhaled air BREATH
Irritation, anger IRE
Large bird of prey EAGLE
Like one more than another PREFER
Mental or physical representation IMAGE
Principal diocesan church CATHEDRAL
Professional funny person COMIC
Putting a question to ASKING
Short-legged dog CORGI
Spanish mountain range SIERRA
Stadium seats STANDS
Stares angrily GLARES
Sudden apprehension and fear ALARM
The part left over REMAINDER
Thieves who break in BURGLARS
Under optimum conditions ATBEST

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