Irish Times (Simplex) – Sep 27 2018

Clues Answers
Agreed, acquiesced ACCEDED
Answer, reply RESPONSE
Area or region DISTRICT
Beware the legendary ones bearing gifts GREEKS
Bought out of pawn REDEEMED
Clairvoyant, visionary SEER
Complete, total ABSOLUTE
Deriving pleasure from inflicting pain SADISTIC
Ended, stopped CEASED
Examination of tissue to determine suspected disease BIOPSY
French castles CHATEAUX
Fruit eaten as a vegetable TOMATO
Game played with long-handled racquets LACROSSE
Learned, very knowledgeable ERUDITE
Light teasing repartee BANTER
On account of BECAUSE
Operatic air ARIA
Passageways between seats AISLES
Potion once thought to prolong life ELIXIR
Request the return of a defective product RECALL
Round container for carrying BUCKET
Say again ITERATE
Shook with fear or cold TREMBLED
Stored-up wealth TREASURE
Sweet carbonated drink LEMONADE
The sound of mirth LAUGHTER
Toothed wheel used when changing speed GEAR
Trees, shrubs etc. PLANTS
U2 guitarist EDGE
Without any difficulty EASILY

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