Irish Times (Simplex) – Sep 28 2018

Clues Answers
Answer to a problem SOLUTION
Appear, look SEEM
As a general rule NORMALLY
Augury, portent OMEN
Calculating the sum ADDING
Destroy completely DEMOLISH
Detailed examination of structure and content ANALYSIS
Dinge, depression DENT
Directs a patient to a specialist, say REFERS
Dissenting clique FACTION
Fatty deposit on inner lining of an artery ATHEROMA
Fatty tissue ADIPOSE
Final breath or done at the last possible moment of effort LASTGASP
Goals, objectives ENDS
It’s better to light one than curse the darkness, it’s said CANDLE
Jack, queen or king FACECARD
Large group of fish SCHOOL
Luck, fortune CHANCE
Messenger of the Greek gods HERMES
Movement towards a goal PROGRESS
Nonetheless EVENSO
One instalment of a series EPISODE
Rewarding vegetable CARROT
Royal tombs of Egypt PYRAMIDS
Science-fiction creatures ALIENS
Sea in the North Atlantic with no land borders SARGASSO
Serious, sincere EARNEST
Stringed instrument VIOLIN
Tool with two crossed blades SCISSORS
Tracks, paths TRAILS
Triangular part of the front on a classical building PEDIMENT
Wandered about without any destination ROAMED

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