Irish Times (Simplex) – Sep 29 2018

Clues Answers
A guide for making something PATTERN
Biblical prophet thrown into the lion’s den DANIEL
Bulgarian capital SOFIA
Denigrate, diminish BELITTLE
Dishing the dirt GOSSIPING
Distrust, have doubts about SUSPECT
Dump waste illegally FLYTIP
Exclude from society OSTRACISE
Explained or answered a mystery SOLVED
Feel remorse REGRET
Fitted out with what’s necessary EQUIPPED
Food allowances RATIONS
Go before PRECEDE
Guarantee, promise ASSURE
Head of publication EDITOR
Large sea wave and a hair-curler ROLLER
Manage with limited means MAKEDO
Movable partition SCREEN
Navigation maps CHARTS
Not active or at work IDLE
Not permanent or lasting TEMPORARY
Observe, discern NOTICE
One or the other EITHER
Pertaining, relating REFERRING
Piece of luggage and a court proceeding CASE
Preliminary drawing SKETCH
Show a response REACT
Small parasitic arachnid TICK
Small pieces of stiff paper CARDS
The Dog Star SIRIUS
The language of ancient Rome LATIN
The moment when the date changes MIDNIGHT
Toughen by heating and cooling TEMPER
Unit of spoken language SYLLABLE
Woodwind instrument OBOE
Writing tool PENCIL

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