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Irish Times (Simplex) – Sep 3 2018

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Clues Answers
A kind of accordion MELODEON
Black carbon from burnt wood CHARCOAL
British peer EARL
Brought up, a child say RAISED
Business, industry, trade COMMERCE
Embarrassed or disconcerted ABASHED
Excised, scratched out EXPUNGED
Fastened securely with a pointed piece of metal NAILED
Guiltless or guileless INNOCENT
Handed over or exposed a friend to an enemy BETRAYED
Head of a US state GOVERNOR
Kept entertained AMUSED
Leeway, scope LATITUDE
Magnified ENLARGED
Not far away NEAR
Older or higher in rank SENIOR
One keeps a log on the web BLOGGER
One killed or hurt VICTIM
Option, alternative CHOICE
Organic compounds, obtained from meat, eggs etc. PROTEINS
Photographs taken from very near CLOSEUPS
Reflecting glass MIRROR
Release from an obligation EXCUSE
Requiring less effort EASIER
Rode around the European river ODER
Sixteen of these to a lb OUNCES
Sticks to ADHERES
Stone mixture for paths GRAVEL
The innermost part CORE
They’re done ACTIONS
Touchstone, benchmark STANDARD
Very strict or serious SEVERE