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Irish Times (Simplex) – Sep 4 2018

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Clues Answers
Calculate approximately ESTIMATE
Cloth-eating insect MOTH
Come into view again REAPPEAR
Declared as fact STATED
Famous old Dublin hotel GRESHAM
Feeling immense joy ECSTATIC
French town of pilgrimage LOURDES
Full and complete ENTIRE
Gets up or comes up ARISES
Grows and progresses DEVELOPS
Home of the Scottish monster LOCHNESS
Hot pepper in Mexican dishes JALAPENO
Living being ANIMAL
Make an effort ATTEMPT
Metallic element and British bobby COPPER
One’s work life CAREER
Passed, as time does ELAPSED
Personal magnetism CHARISMA
Prejudiced in favour of one side PARTISAN
Rather, a little SOMEWHAT
Scholarly dissertation THESIS
Seem, look APPEAR
Sequence of words SENTENCE
Shrubs and sweeping brushes BROOMS
Sign of something about to happen OMEN
Sound to attract attention AHEM
St …’s fire, weather phenomenon of coloured glow ELMO
They’re used to measure gems and gold CARATS
Thin sharp piece of wood SPLINTER
Underground passage TUNNEL
Walking in shallow water PADDLING